Things to Share ?>

Things to Share

As an avid user of Facebook, I see many things worth sharing and even more not worth sharing. As I read items that touch me or I feel are worth sharing, I save them. Tonight, I am quite tired but want to blog and to share. Some of these posts I am sharing are directed at my loved ones, some are, “all about me”

Everyone that reads these posts, will draw something from them. Each of us might take different things away.


There are days when each of us thinks that the world just might be out to get us, ok not quite but I know many who believe in Murphy’s Law(“If anything can go wrong, it will”), that bad things happen in threes and that there are no do-overs in real life. For those who this applies to, let me share something that my husband has made me a true believer of:

for a reason

Every time I write an article, I hope to help just one person’s day get a bit brighter.



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