Star Trek Beyond – Sabotage ?>

Star Trek Beyond – Sabotage

beyondShortly after I met Bill,  he took me to the Drive-In in to see a Star Trek movie (Star Trek into Darkness). At the time, I was mainly concerned with spending time with this handsome new guy. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would love the movie. I did grow up watching Star Trek, I knew the characters but I guess I simply didn’t remember how amazing the show was. We just finished the latest Star Trek movie (Star Trek Beyond) and I feel compelled to write.

teamHave you ever worked with someone who you knew was an amazing person, who you respected and you knew respected you? This person could make you smile or laugh but more than anything make you feel like one of  the team. For me, his name is Peter Marshall. Peter among others on our team is a Trekkie. He has the memorabilia in his office, he has a friendly smile and he is my friend.

As I watched “Beyond”, I did get a little lost in the story and I am not sure it is the best Star Trek movie but being one who looks for motivation in songs……they got me. all

“Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys has an amazing motivational stream.  It got me a little pumped up as it did the Star Trek Crew. As I watched the Sabotage scene unravel, I looked at Bill and said, “I need to write and I need to write about Peter.”

Peter has been a great friend. I get why he likes Star Trek and I understand why he is well liked on the team.

I must not close without mentioning others, Steve Reibling and Peter Elliott come to mind but I am sure there are other Trekkies on my much missed team.


“Sabotage” – Beastie Boys

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