Push & Pull – July Talk ?>

Push & Pull – July Talk

July talk 2I have been hearing this new song on the radio lately and I really like how different it is from the other songs we are hearing. When I did some investigating around the origin and meaning of Push and Pull, I thought it would make a great article. When I found out the band is Canadian, it peaked my interest even more.

July talkAccording to the information I could gather, this Canadian blues-rock outfit July Talk thrive on the tension between vocalists Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis. Push & Pull emphasize this dynamic. Fay & Dreimanis have different music styles so their new song “Push + Pull” is very fitting. The song is both catchy and causes me to ask more questions around the artists themselves and the true meaning behind the song.

Fay & Dreimanis describe their new hit single as one of the most dynamic songs they have ever written. The song reminds me of the Disco era right up until Dreimanis reveals his trademark growl in the chorus.

sex and drugsIn the end we learn that the songs meaning is about “Western excess, about our never-ending appetite, about the types of people who consume and consume and don’t know when to stop, about our irrational but constant need for more food, more mind-altering substances, more sex, more ‘likes’, more money, more things,”. The line in the chorus, “Take, take anything, I don’t wanna wait” appears to be the constant push and pull of life…..”I want it, I don’t want to pay for it. Give me more, I want to take more” How much is too much?

hear no evil

As you watch the video which appears to be a little less then center, you will recognize the inner fight that appears in many of us today, the constant pulling in two very different directions.


`Push and Pull`- July Talk

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  1. They are playing at the London Music Hall. The show was sold out but they just released another block of tickets. Got mine.

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