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Pillows Blog April 20


I love throw pillows. Actually, I will admit that I have a small addiction to them. Call them what you will, pillows or cushions  I cannot walk by a decorative pillow display without admiring it. Bright pillows, muted tones, crazy patterns…I love them all. And, if I don’t love them, I recover them but that is a blog for another time.

My bed is one of my best friends!! I spend more time with my bed than most people do 🙂 Bill laughs at me when I snuggle in and say,” I love my bed”. I can’t help it, it’s true. Yes, the pictures above are of our bed. It is amazing the transformation that occurs when you add pillows to any bed or sofa.

I am one of those folks who likes to get into a bed that is made and I like my bed to be welcoming. Does Bill like all the pillows that have to be taken off each night? Nope, but I think he is used to it because it makes me happy.

There are lots of different ways of arranging your throw pillows and switching them up every few months will give you a whole new room. In the case above, I wanted to ensure the solid yellow cushion was far enough away from our solid yellow headboard and that the 2 floral cushions were not together. I have used several different sizes but kept within my yellow, grey, white and silver theme.

You will hear more from me regarding my addiction. Call them what you will, throw pillows, decorative cushions, big pillows, small pillows, recovered cushions, euro pillows, bolster pillows. Pillows add colour, change, comfort and you guessed it…JOY. All this talk of pillows is making me sleepy zzzzzz.

“Pillowtalk”, Zayn Malik

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  1. Great blog – I can totally relate – I am always looking at the pillow displays for that one unique pillow!

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