Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY ?>

Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY

The easiest solution to decorating above your kitchen cupboards is to not decorate at all!! This only works however if your cupboards go right to the ceiling 🙂 All kidding aside, decorating above your kitchen cabinets isn’t easy. If you leave the space empty, the kitchen can look cold, unfinished and might sound hollow, not the best solution either.

There are lots of online locations that share ideas to create a scene above the cupboards, however, I like to personalize mine. Do you collect vases, dishes, items of a certain colour, brand or perhaps just items that mean a lot to you?  The last kitchen I did was truly mine. I used items that I already had(although I do have more decor items than most…don’t tell Bill).

So I digress, there are several styles or “stories” that might be of interest to you. I have named these myself:



  1. Fill it to the rim: this would be where you fill every square inch of space with items of your choice. This would not be my fave however I have seen it done when using glass items of all one colour, such as the white/milk glass decor below.
  2. plate-vignetteSparse: this would one or two items spaced out or centered above the kitchen cabinets like the use of this large plate.



There are so many options to choose from but as I mentioned, I prefer to personalize mine. As my mother would say, “Yup, this is you Honey”. And of course feedback from Mom is the best. So, without further ado….here are my rules:

  • Groupings should always be in odd numbers, see #3
  • Use different heights and widths, see #2
  • If you are able, hang something on the wall and group with it, see #1 and #3
  • Don’t afraid to use different colours, see #2
  • Go cheap where you can, pay for the things you really love. In #4 below, I purchased large bottled water with turquoise caps.
  • Use indoor and outside decor. I find this brings warmth to the room, fern in #1, shells in #3
  • Don’t overdo it…or it will look like you are simply storing items above your kitchen cabinets!


I have definitely personalized our above the cabinet space, my 1st initial, Bills 1st initial, shells from our many trips to Florida, a sign about our fur baby and a tin can that says London(my home). This was a pretty large open space kitchen so I had to be sure the colour scheme flowed easily into our living space. vignette-collage-2I almost forgot my #1 rule…Remember these items are hard to get at and will get dusty so don’t put anything up there that you might need often or that a little dust won’t come off of.

It is now your turn. Go decorate above your kitchen cabinets!! Have fun, create your space and most of all, tell your story!!


“The Story” – Brandi Carlile

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