Outdoor Cushions- No-Sew Throw Pillows ?>

Outdoor Cushions- No-Sew Throw Pillows

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday.

Yesterday I pulled into my driveway and thought. WOW, my front porch looks deserted. It looked like the winter decor had been pulled from the planters, not replaced and well, depressing.

I had purchased 2 grey metal chairs last weekend at a discount store for $20 each. I figured it was time to make our home look like we embraced Spring and weren’t afraid of it 🙂

I went to a thrift store in Hyde Park to purchase some cushions that I could recover, while I was there, I came across a really cool imitation Boxwood Ball…$3, I had to have it. So now what?

I remembered that I had kept some outdoor fabric we had used previous. Not sure why I kept it but glad I did. This is one DIY you are not going to believe. As I was looking at these boring chairs and the fabric I had, I realized I had left my sewing machine at lake. YIKES!! The problem was that now I had the vision and not all the tools. I had to get this done yesterday(ask Bill, I pout when I can’t put a plan in play).

I decided I was going to have to either sew these by hand….um, no thank you….OR where did I leave that bag of safety pins. OH YES I DID. I created 3 outdoor cushion covers using: Old outdoor fabric, safety pins & scissors

Blog Collage May 13

May 13 blog


When I left our condo yesterday, the front porch had been updated with zero upkeep required. No need to bring in the cushions, they are covered in outdoor fabric and no flowers to water. This DIY Outdoor Cushion Cover project was a success and I had a new look for less than $50.

front porch May 13 blog

This is what I will call Outdoor JOY

“Spring Manifestations/Canto de los Flores”-Santana

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