“OH Canada” – Happy Canada Day ?>

“OH Canada” – Happy Canada Day


Today, on Canada’s 149th birthday, Canadians celebrate everywhere. We celebrate our country, we celebrate how proud we are to be Canadians and we celebrate our freedom. We wear our Red & White with pride. Some of us get misty eyed when we sing our National Anthem. As I sit here on this rainy Canada Day in Southern Ontario, I look forward to living the rest of my life here in Canada. Today there will be BBQs, festivals, fireworks and innumerable events hosted in our Capitol, Ottawa.

This morning we were rained out from our Canada Day yard sale here at the Lake. It didn’t stop us from enjoying a lovely breakfast with friends nor will it stop us from visiting friends this afternoon. No one needed to remind us to wear our colours today…..it just happens!!

CAN DAY breakie

Did we have Canadian Bacon this morning? You bet. Might we enjoy a Labatt’s or Crown Royal product later? For sure. As on many other days here in Canada, we may also enjoy a little red or white and toast to Canada – True North Strong and Free!!

For our younger Canadians perhaps a favourite Canadian sweet like Smarties, Snickers, Aero, Wagon Wheels, the list truly is huge. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten Canadian Maple Syrup, all ages love that stuff!!

I think Bono has summed it up, even President Obama agrees:

Bona Obama

“And now without further ado, please stand and join me in the singing of our National Anthem”.


Happy Canada Day

Love Jodi

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