Never Underestimate me! Part II ?>

Never Underestimate me! Part II

Two Days ago, I wrote Never Underestimate me!

It was a motivational blog. I wrote it because I needed a kick in the butt, a little pick me up. In that blog I wrote, I think today I will do something that make people say, Never Underestimate Jodi. Well, that day, I did just that. I didn`t really mean to do it, it was all in good fun….seriously, it just happened. After I did it, I looked at my sister in law Debbie and said, well….I guess I have my next blog taken care of.

So, I hope you enjoy this video. It really could use some editing. I am not at my best but it was a crazy hot day and this was taken just before we added it to the blender with loads of ice.



I simply love margaritas. As you can also see, my in-laws like them too. This is one hot summer. No complaints, drink lots of fluids(water) and when you do enjoy a cocktail, please stay safe, don`t drink and drive and most of all. EnJOY!

Don`t Underestimate me – Mat Alford

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