Mother’s Little Helper…Really? ?>

Mother’s Little Helper…Really?

valium3And here I thought, “running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper” was about alcohol. I guess I never really read through the lyrics of the Rolling Stones’ song “Mother’s Little Helper”. So, sorry to my friends I spoke with this morning who I told the term was derived from housewives drinking in the 60’s. Oops my bad.

I have learned several things today:

  1. Mother’s Little Helper is/was Valium
  2. The song “Mother’s Little Helper” is by the Rolling Stones, not the Beatles
  3. The Stones rarely performed the song live as they felt it didn’t mesh

So,  now you are probably wondering why in the world am I writing an article on this. This is my story…

As I have written about in the past, I met a great lady at the dog park last winter. Somehow in one of our crazy conversations, Happy Hour came up. happy-hourYou know  “Happy Hour” right….the time when your work is done for the day and you can sit and enjoy happy-hour2a glass of wine, frosty beer etc. Well I mentioned “Mother’s little helper” and that some women might tip a little before happy hour to sort of get them through the day. I mentioned this connotation in jest and I thought it was alcohol, not Valium….WOW. valiumCome full circle to this morning when it came up again. I told my friends that I was going to do my blog on Mother’s Little Helper as it fits perfectly as it has a song already.

Little did I know, I pretty much had no clue what I was talking about…valium4

Mick Jagger has been quoted as saying:”It’s about drug dependence, but in a sort of like spoofy way. As a songwriter, I didn’t really think about addressing things like that. It was just every day stuff that you’d observe and write about.” The song Mother’s Little Helper is about a housewife who abuses prescription drugs to “get her through the day.” It turns around the image of a suburban housewife, who is usually portrayed as cooking and caring for her family, by showing her as a drug abuser. The Stones could get away with this because their image was that of cynical, somewhat dangerous rockers.

valium-7Let’s all keep in mind how long ago this was. However we have seen a resurgence of Valium in our society today.

“Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

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