Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy ?>

Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy

20161002_182144Do you have any of those dishes that make your mouth water when you smell it cooking? Pretty sure you do, I know I do and in most cases….my Mom is cooking. Anyway, lets talk about garlic shrimp. If you have ever tried to make it you will know that those suckers can shrink big time and very fast. So, I am going to share my Mom’s recipe. Not so much a recipe, more of a right of passage. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind when preparing garlic shrimp. So, lets start there.

gumpPurchase uncooked shrimp in the shell. If they are frozen, thaw them per instructions on package. If they are fresh, just rinse them. You can use margarine but as always, butter is better(YUM).

You will need:

  • Shrimp(as many as you want)
  • Butter
  • About 15 cloves of Fresh garlic- peeled. You can also used Crushed garlic….3 nice tbsp
  • Cocktail sauce-see my blog article on homemade cocktail sauce.
  • A bib, lol

So, here we go. Melt enough butter in a frying pan to ensure the pan will not dry up. Don’t turn the heat up too high.Place the garlic in the pan, you will smell it right away…mmmm. Place the shrimp in the pan, shells and all. You will notice they will slowly turn pink then red, you can flip them once they start to change colour.The shrimp will not take long to cook so be careful. When the garlic shrimp are red, they are done. Pour everything into a serving dish.

Some people will only be interested in the garlic butter and what they can dip in it. Some will eat the garlic but most will enjoy the shrimp. You will need loads of napkins as they are best peeled by hand. This is one of those times when licking your fingers is acceptable.

Short article but with loads of yummy content. Hey Mom, the song is for you.


“The Song of the Shrimp”- Elvis Presley

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  1. Jodi – in the future I would appreciate a little warning before you drop these food articles! I am stuck at work and all I can think about is shrimp! I don’t know what Jenn has planned for dinner – but I am changing it!

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