Foaming Hand Soap – DIY ?>

Foaming Hand Soap – DIY

Never buy foaming soap again, seriously!! I am going to show you how to make foaming hand soap  in less than 5 minutes and for less than 30 cents a bottle. Yes, very serious. The best part is that your new soap can smell like whatever you like. You love the smell of your dish soap, regular liquid hand soap, body wash, you name it. If it makes bubbles it will work. In my case, I love the smell of Nivea Body wash, both for men and women. You really can use just about anything.


Since foaming hand soap has hit the market, I have been a huge fan. What I haven’t been a fan of is the price so I did a little legwork. Guess what….EASY Peasy.

20160825_180616There is only 1 item you will require as I know you have some sort of liquid soap and well….if you don’t have running water, liquid hand soap is the least of your problems at this point. You will need an empty foaming soap bottle. You can reuse one you have or they can be purchased at HomeGoods, HomeSense, TJMaxx and Winners. The trick is in the pump. I love this bottle as a “Perfect Beach Day” could mean just about anything. Your soap can be any colour you like.

I have created a short video to show the steps to make the foaming hand soap and will also list them below.

Steps to Create Foaming Hand Soap

  • Rinse bottle of any leftover soap
  • Squeeze 1-2 tablespoons of the soap of your choice into bottle
  • Fill bottle 1/2 full with water
  • Shake bottle until it is filled with foam, no thick soap left
  • Slowly fill bottle with cold water until all foam is gone and you are left with all liquid
  • Replace pump
  • Rinse off outside of bottle

If you are wondering how I came up with 30 cents a bottle….I pretty much did the math….A bottle of Bill’s Nivea Body wash(500ml at $5.00/bottle) divided by 1.5 table spoons. Just think if you use dish soap, crazy cheap.


“Tiny Bubbles” – Don Ho


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