Dogs Keep us Smiling ?>

Dogs Keep us Smiling

My dog makes me smile everyday. Usually several times a day. Be it a nudge, how she lays on her back for a belly rub, the many kisses I get everyday or the way that little tail wags when Bill or I come home. Cash is quite the girl.

This video is sure to either make you laugh, smile or wonder…..what is up with Cash? Was she a kangaroo in a former life or does she simply not like frisbees?

We first noticed this behaviour this past winter with balls, kongs and frisbees but it was in the snow. We thought she was trying to hide her toys but it appears that is not the case. She is either beating on her toys or in the case of this frisbee, trying to flip it over so she can pick it up. We aren’t sure if this is typical Boxer behaviour or just Cash being Cash.

“Ultimate Frisbee” – Parry Gripp

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