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Dog Collar Thursday

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Dog Collar Thursday is just that. I am going to post a pet collar creation each Thursday. I create these collars using recycled products(usually leather belts) and bling them up using vintage jewellery. I am loving this, I try to be as creative as possible but best of all, I get to use my hands. The result is a striking personalized collar that I can say, “Hey, I made that”. These pet collars cannot be found in pet stores.

This particular classy collar was one of my 1st creations for Cashmere’s Pet Apparel…yes I named my business after my fur baby. This was created for a large dog using a patent leather belt and  lovely old broach.  Family and friends continued to tell me that Cashmere needed some bling. That her hot pink collar just wasn’t enough. I searched everywhere, all the local pet stores and couldn’t find anything that I felt was worthy of my Cashmere wearing 🙂

My Mom suggested I make my own, I tried a few and I love it. I also have a close friend, Pam totally addicted to working on the jewellery with me. Because the jewellery is older, often we have missing stones or broken pieces. Pam helps me by what we can “popping stones” and most recently, fixing the items herself. Pam has 2 fur babies, Romo and Floyd, they are Cashmere’s boyfriends. We work on jewellery while our fur babies romp in the yard. A true friendship has blossomed with Pam…we met at the dog park, go figure.

I  usually work on the collars in the evening while spending time with Bill and Cash. I go to bed with a feeling of accomplishment and ….. well …. Joy. My collars are mostly heavy duty but in some cases they are more dog apparel and should not be used instead of a training collar or  dog harness

I have attended one dog event so far with 2 more coming up in June. I also donate pet collars to Silent Auctions, Stag and Does and other worthy causes. My Facebook page for Cashmere’s Pet Apparel is a work in progress.

My Mom has always told me that it is important to do the things in life that make you happy!!

“If It Makes you Happy, “Sheryl Crow

15 thoughts on “Dog Collar Thursday

  1. Ah Jodi you rule my friend! Loving the blog and I am happy that you are happy – you deserve go be! Say hi to Mom it has been awhile but she was always one of the most grounded people I know plus she did raise some fabulous girls. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love it! Your collars are beautiful. … one of a kind! And we love having y’all over for coffee, bling and dog dates! ps I need more jewelry 😉 lol

      1. Nice! He has two leashes – one looks like a rope and is mostly red but has green accent in it. The other leash is camouflage green/beige/black. So for collar colour I’m thinking black or green so it can go with both of them.

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