Dog Collar Thursday ?>

Dog Collar Thursday

Dog collar thursday May 5 blog

As you may know, today is Cashmere’s Birthday, my baby is 1 year old. To celebrate this event, the dog collar for today belongs to Cashmere. It is her bling or “we are having company” collar.  I started creating collars when I was constantly asked why my pretty girl didn’t have any bling. I searched far and wide but came up empty so I decided to make my own.

This particular leather collar is a used belt with lovely embossing and a good metal buckle. I used a lovely turquoise(my favourite colour) coloured broach and 2 pieces of a vintage necklace. Today, we call the shape of the rhinestone pieces chevrons. So I digress, Cash wears this collar when we are not going to the dog park or playing with other dogs. Although the collar is strong and safe, it is far too pretty to get dirty or to lose a stone 🙂

The collar looks absolutely lovely on Cash, mind you she is pretty cute either way. Just another way that I bring Joy to my life, creating pretty things for pets.






“Who let the Dogs out” – Baha Men



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