Dog Collar Thursday 2.0 ?>

Dog Collar Thursday 2.0

poodle collars blog April 21 2016

Love these patent leather dog collars that were a special order for a special friend(Heidi). They were a gift to give to a friend who has a Standard Poodle and their niece has a Toy Poodle. The fur babies are male so I did my best to include bling but ensure the dogs did not lose their masculinity 🙂

I created this matching set of collars using 2 black patent leather belts, ribbon and a pair of vintage earrings. I also attached a “D” ring (for the leash) so that the collars are both handsome and functional.

I love this new hobby that I can do in the comfort of my home…sometimes in my PJs. Again, big shout out to my assistant, Pam Hansen.

This year I am set up to do 2 dog events, Bark in the Park and Weinerfest. Bark in the Park is hosted by the London Human Society and Weinerfest is the largest single breed dog event in Canada that takes place in Embro Ontario.

Leather collars are my specialty and the vintage jewellery really sets them off. However, I have used other materials to create collars which brings a lower price point.

Dog Collar Thursday is a little late this week folks but please enJOY

“The Dog Days are Over” Florence and the Machine


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