DIY – No Sew Table Runner ?>

DIY – No Sew Table Runner

With company coming tomorrow, I couldn’t stand to look at my old beat up table any longer. We are at the lake and the lovely smoked glass that was on the table was broken a while ago. So, I have the fabric but not the initiative to sew one runner, let alone 2. Hence, DIY – No Sew Table Runner.

I have limited supplies up here so I was very lucky to find the product I needed to complete this DIY project. The product I used for this project is called, HeatBond. Pretty self explanatory, the product with heat applied will bond fabric…VERY COOL. Oh and did I say easy. This is the 1st time I have used this particular product but I have used similar products that work a bit differently. Let me take you through the process but 1st, a short video to show you the damaged table and the buffet that would need to match.

You will need a few tools and you will need to decide the size of your runner. I decided to make my 2 runners 18″wide by 60″long. So, my fabric has 2 finished edges(awesome, less work for me) I will need my rough fabric to be 60″long and 20″wide in order to allow for seams.


Here are my tools:

  1. fabric
  2. iron/Board
  3. measuring tape
  4. scissors
  5. HeatBond


The Process:

  • Measure fabric to size, mark your fabric and cut. As you can see I used a pink highligher, LOL, again, very few tools available.
  • Place the Heatbond directly on the fabric, plastic side up. I suggest you use strips about 1 foot long until you are comfortable.
  • As per Heatbond directions, apply iron for 2-3 seconds
  • Peal plastic tape off.  You will be left with a sheen on the fabric. Hopefully you can see the sheen in pic middle pic, bottom row below.
  • Quickly fold your fabric over and iron again for about 3 seconds.

No Sew Runner Collage

You will be left with a very crisp fold and a hem with no stitching. Awesome right??

Regarding the actual products. Heatbond worked great but I didn’t love peeling the hot tape off. There is another product that you can purchase in any fabric store, I have also seen it at Jysk. It is simply called sewing tape and there are several manufactures, no peeling! I also saw another product while searching in town. I found a “tape” at the grocery store that was actually not permanent, it washes out in the wash. This would be amazing for staging jobs or if you make something and hate it:-)

Anyway, it took me less than 1 hour to create 2 runners and it cost me less then $15. Check this out…

“Tape Song”- The Kills





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