DIY – Homemade Coffee Liqueur(Kahlua) ?>

DIY – Homemade Coffee Liqueur(Kahlua)



Are specialty coffees or Black Russians your drinks of choice? Perhaps you are more into Mudslides or White Russians. Either way, this article is for you. I am not a big Kahlua fan but I know some of my readers enjoy a Black Russian from time to time. Going along with the DIY liqueur theme I started with the Bailey’s article, today’s article will show you how to prepare homemade Kahlua in time for happy hour :-).

It would appear that the cost of store bought Kahlua compares to Smirnoff vodka….so why make it when you can buy it? Glad you asked. I have found that Kahlua has a very distinct taste that is not acquired by all. So you have guests over and someone asks for a Black Russian….NO PROBLEM. Most of us have all the ingredients in the house, whip up a batch!!!!

08c52cc1c2a1dbd58aa3a3d65d78b156Other Reasons for going the Homemade Route:

  • Some people love homemade items, it shows you thought it out and spent some time on them.
  • Great as a last minute host or hostess gift. Place in a cute sealable bottle with a witty statement in gold metallic marker and you will love the feedback.
  • Smaller quantity will be less expensive and can be used to prepare other drinks
  • Coffee Cake…mmmmmcoffee cake


Homemade Kahlua Recipe:

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup instant coffee
2 cups vodka
1 tbs vanilla powder or 1 tbs vanilla extract

Dissolve the instant coffee in 1 cup of hot water. Dissolve the sugar, and add vodka. Also add the vanilla.

I stirred this well with a wisk, chilled it for 3 hours and shared with some friends. They both agreed that the Kahlua, tasted like the real thing, was a bit thinner then the normal consistency but was great!!

Kahlua Collage

There are an endless list of things to make with homemade Kahlua. EnJOY

“Kahlua and Kreme”-Ericka Paul


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