Cocktail Sauce-Why Buy Store Bought-Homemade DIY ?>

Cocktail Sauce-Why Buy Store Bought-Homemade DIY

Good Afternoon. This article on Cocktail Sauce will be a short one.  There isn’t much with regard to content but I wanted to share anyway. I have been making my own cocktail sauce since the 1st time my Mom asked me to :-). I am pretty sure I had never seen store bought cocktail sauce until I was well into my 20s. I am writing this article because I have learned I am indeed not in the majority.



Do you like shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, cold crab?? I do, so does most of my family and friends. However, there are several people who will not eat any of the above without cocktail sauce. In conversation it has come up on more than 1 occasion that I do not buy cocktail sauce. Some people just look at me and say, “Ya whatever Jodi, let me guess you made this sauce that I am enjoying right now”. To which I reply, “YES”.

Seriously, making cocktail sauce is as easy as buttering toast….There are 2 ingredients that I bet you have in your fridge right now. Ketchup and Horse Radish. Not only does the homemade version taste better, imagine how much cheaper it is. You make as much as you need and as hot as you want it. For that reason, I will just say, start with 1/2 cup ketchup, mix in a good tablespoon of horseradish, taste it and adjust. Easy Peasy!!20160724_142834

Most horse radish can be found in different levels of heat. I prefer to use mild and add as much as I need to get to the desired taste.


Like I said, this is a short article but the next time you are having seafood and realize you don’t have that store bought bottle in the fridge….make your own cocktail sauce, tell them The Joys of Jodi showed you how 🙂


“Cocktails for Two” – Spike Jones

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