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Your Favourite Colour says so much about you ?>

Your Favourite Colour says so much about you

My favourite colour is blue, all shades of blue, light, dark, bright or pale I love them all but I especially like aqua. Lucky me, my favourite colour is really “in” with regard to home decor so I see my favourite colour everywhere in my home.  There is loads of info on the net regarding the psychology of our favourite colour. I did some research and did a comparison. It appears the experts agree. I have used a great article…

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Pot or Kettle? Idioms ?>

Pot or Kettle? Idioms

I love the word Idiom….well it is one letter away from idiot which when used properly can also be a great word. Oops, sorry, I got a little carried away there. So, yesterday while attending a social event, I used the idiom, “are you the pot or the kettle?”. I got called on it as someone there wasn’t all that familiar with this term. Once I explained what it meant…Wikipedia= The pot calling the kettle black. The phrase “The pot…

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Foaming Hand Soap – DIY ?>

Foaming Hand Soap – DIY

Never buy foaming soap again, seriously!! I am going to show you how to make foaming hand soap  in less than 5 minutes and for less than 30 cents a bottle. Yes, very serious. The best part is that your new soap can smell like whatever you like. You love the smell of your dish soap, regular liquid hand soap, body wash, you name it. If it makes bubbles it will work. In my case, I love the smell of…

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Easy Peasy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce – DIY ?>

Easy Peasy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce – DIY

Busy day pulling up carpet with no plans for dinner. Quick stop at the supermarket and on my way to Homemade Spaghetti Sauce! This recipe I am about to share happened by accident. It was a cold day a few winters back, I had taken the ground beef out of the freezer only to find, there was no spaghetti sauce in the cupboard. I had used the same store bought spaghetti sauce in a jar for many years. I did…

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Push & Pull – July Talk ?>

Push & Pull – July Talk

I have been hearing this new song on the radio lately and I really like how different it is from the other songs we are hearing. When I did some investigating around the origin and meaning of Push and Pull, I thought it would make a great article. When I found out the band is Canadian, it peaked my interest even more. According to the information I could gather, this Canadian blues-rock outfit July Talk thrive on the tension between…

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Lost Boy – Ruth B ?>

Lost Boy – Ruth B

Helloooooo readers. I have taken a small hiatus so I am very glad to be back with lots of new content. I have been in the car a lot as of late and when I hear a song that touches me as this song has, I have to share. The Song is called Lost Boy. I have been hearing it a lot and I really like it. The melody and lyrics of Lost Boy has me “hooked”. (You will understand…

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Toilet Pucks – DIY – Cheap ?>

Toilet Pucks – DIY – Cheap

No, I am not hurting for topics to write about!! I came across this simple DIY project recently and had to try it out. Which of course means, I have to share it with my readers. There are several names for this product, bath bombs, toilet bombs, toilet pucks…..Whatever you call them is fine. What I love is that I now have a cleaning product that costs me 4 cents each time I use it and best of all, I…

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Never Underestimate me! Part II ?>

Never Underestimate me! Part II

Two Days ago, I wrote Never Underestimate me! It was a motivational blog. I wrote it because I needed a kick in the butt, a little pick me up. In that blog I wrote, I think today I will do something that make people say, Never Underestimate Jodi. Well, that day, I did just that. I didn`t really mean to do it, it was all in good fun….seriously, it just happened. After I did it, I looked at my sister…

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Food Banks – Summer Donations ?>

Food Banks – Summer Donations

A food bank is defined as: a place where stocks of food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, are supplied free of charge to people in need. I am pretty sure there is a food bank in every small town and large city throughout Ontario but what do they really offer and who uses them. I would like to say that Food Banks are for a small percentage of our population but sadly, food banks throughout Canada are used far…

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We can learn so much from our Dogs ?>

We can learn so much from our Dogs

I love Cashmere and based on the photo below, she loves me right back. I was sitting here deciding what to write about this evening and when I looked down I knew the topic. It was going to be about dogs and it was going to be positive!! We can learn so much from our dogs. A  Few Life Lessons We Learn from our Dogs Live for today Dogs remember things…the way you smell, what your car sounds like when…

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