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Motivation – We All Need it!! ?>

Motivation – We All Need it!!

The 8th of January and who has started their new diet, workout regime, housekeeping change or other resolution? Who needs Motivation? We all need motivation from time to time. Whether you started something new after New Years or as I did chose to wait till January 10th, we all need motivation at some point in our lives. Why am I waiting until January 10th? Well tomorrow is my birthday and I like to celebrate :-). Some of us suffer for other…

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Losing a Pet ?>

Losing a Pet

In less than 7 days, 2 friends of have lost pets. These were not old pets that had lived out a long life, these were pets in their prime. Annie was always there for Janine and the bond that Lauren had with Sylvie was obvious to all that met them. I cannot put to words what Losing a Pet can do to a person. This past Friday, I received a text from Janine that Annie had been hit by a…

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We can learn so much from our Dogs ?>

We can learn so much from our Dogs

I love Cashmere and based on the photo below, she loves me right back. I was sitting here deciding what to write about this evening and when I looked down I knew the topic. It was going to be about dogs and it was going to be positive!! We can learn so much from our dogs. A  Few Life Lessons We Learn from our Dogs Live for today Dogs remember things…the way you smell, what your car sounds like when…

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Hot Dog- Avoid Dehydration in Dogs ?>

Hot Dog- Avoid Dehydration in Dogs

Summer is here! Don’t let your fur baby get dehydrated!! Maintaining a constant fluid level is as important in dogs as it is in humans. As they rely on us, the onus is on you to ensure your babies are not only well fed but well “watered”. When Bill called me last week and asked me to pick up some balloons, I knew exactly why. It was a steaming hot day, we are at the lake and Cashmere would far…

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Our Pets Make us Happy ?>

Our Pets Make us Happy

I have received more feedback on my “Dogs and Depression” and “Dogs Keep us Smiling” articles than any other that I have written so I think that I am past due in writing another article on how our pets help to make or keep us happy. I go to sleep each night after I kiss both Bill and Cashmere. Clyde is a little more reserved so only snuggles with me during the night.  I wake up each morning with a…

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Diamonds & Pearls- Dog Collar Thursday ?>

Diamonds & Pearls- Dog Collar Thursday

  Just like the late artist Prince. This dog collar has class with an edge.  “Diamonds and Pearls” is the title track to Prince’s 1991 album . The song is an upbeat ballad, given a rock edge with guitar and drums. (Sound familiar?) This collar was created using a recycled black leather belt and vintage pearl/diamond necklace. The result is a stunning collar for a male or female pup. As you can see each pearl is surrounded by 4 tiny…

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Pretty in Pink-Dog Collar Thursday ?>

Pretty in Pink-Dog Collar Thursday

When I found this belt in Florida this past March, I had to have it. I thought it was a little “out there” but I bought it anyway. Funny how many people love hot pink. So, for dog collar Thursday this week, I am going pink, like Grease Lightning Pink. I can see Roz sporting this collar 🙂 Awhile back, I was browsing at Fabricland(yes, I do that) when I came across some ribbon that appeared to be a perfect…

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Dog Collar Thursday-Western Style ?>

Dog Collar Thursday-Western Style

Well now that the wet weather has left, I need to get Dog Collar Thursday created than outside for me. This is the latest collar I created. I literally made it last night and it is for a very special boy!! Monty is an English Bulldog and he will wear this collar with pride. Yes, Monty is one of Cashmere’s several boyfriends but Monty is special. Cash and Monty swim together. Monty is a gentle young boy who Cash loves…

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Dog Collar Thursday-Wowza ?>

Dog Collar Thursday-Wowza

Love, Love, Love this Dog Collar. Created for a true Canine Prince or Princess. You might also notice the lovely blue colour scheme(not an accident). I simply love blue! When I came across this beautiful broach, I was hesitant to use it to create a pet collar as it is simply exquisite. However when I paired it with the other pieces from an old necklace I had to do it. The result as you can see, it a lovely leather…

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Dogs Keep us Smiling ?>

Dogs Keep us Smiling

My dog makes me smile everyday. Usually several times a day. Be it a nudge, how she lays on her back for a belly rub, the many kisses I get everyday or the way that little tail wags when Bill or I come home. Cash is quite the girl. This video is sure to either make you laugh, smile or wonder…..what is up with Cash? Was she a kangaroo in a former life or does she simply not like frisbees?…

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