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Easy Stained Glass-DIY ?>

Easy Stained Glass-DIY

completed window 1

I think most of us  are attracted to Stained Glass, in churches, in old homes and today in gardens, hanging in windows or simply hanging on the wall. The actual process of stained glass is not easy!! It is a tedious process that requires patience, skill and in my case, Band Aids 🙂

So, today, I am sharing easy stained glass. A DIY project that doesn’t really even involve any of the stained glass processes except for cutting glass. For this project or one similar, you could get your glass supplier to cut the glass if you are not familiar. Glass cutting is very simple. You only need a glass cutter and a glass crimper but again, your supplier can cut your glass.

Before I start, I will share the reason for creating this piece. Great friends of ours have recently moved into their new summer home on the lake. I really wanted to give them the perfect piece as they are the perfect couple! Congratulations Mike and Marie!!

To start you will want to choose and prepare a frame. For this stained glass project, I am using an old window that I prepped for a DIY Chalk Paint article I wrote awhile back. Here is the article if you have not read it:

You will need the following tools and materials to complete this window:

  1. Prepped window or frame of your choice.
  2. Glass, I have used art glass sold at stained glass supply stores. You can use any glass you like.
  3. Glass tools if you are cutting your own glass(glass cutter/crimper).
  4. Glazier points(to hold the glass in place).
  5. Small screwdriver and hammer to tap glazier points in place.

supplies for easy stained glass

Cut collage

If you have the ability to cut glass or choose to learn it is really quite simple. Measure the area you plan to fill with glass. Measure your glass to match your measurements. Draw a straight line on glass and run your cutter along the line. You then align the line on your crimper to the line in the glass, press down and voila, you have cut glass. It takes a little practice but once you make a few cuts, you are good to go.


You now have your glass to fill your holes. In this case, I placed the glass in the panes one at a time and used glazier points to hold the glass in place. I am happy with my 1st DIY “Easy Stained Glass” project and I know the new owners are currently looking for a perfect home for it.

EnJOY M&M   20160605_152035


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