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Dessert for Breakfast – Paleo ?>

Dessert for Breakfast – Paleo

Last night while Bill was out of town, I had guests for dinner. I made a lovely chicken dish that I know Allan and Cathy like and they brought dessert.  The dessert was Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding. I ate half of my portion after dinner and today I ate dessert for breakfast. It was delicious!! Oh…did I tell you there is no gelatin?? I am the first to admit that I know very little about the Paleo “diet”….

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Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy ?>

Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy

Do you have any of those dishes that make your mouth water when you smell it cooking? Pretty sure you do, I know I do and in most cases….my Mom is cooking. Anyway, lets talk about garlic shrimp. If you have ever tried to make it you will know that those suckers can shrink big time and very fast. So, I am going to share my Mom’s recipe. Not so much a recipe, more of a right of passage. There…

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Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY ?>

Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY

The easiest solution to decorating above your kitchen cupboards is to not decorate at all!! This only works however if your cupboards go right to the ceiling 🙂 All kidding aside, decorating above your kitchen cabinets isn’t easy. If you leave the space empty, the kitchen can look cold, unfinished and might sound hollow, not the best solution either. There are lots of online locations that share ideas to create a scene above the cupboards, however, I like to personalize…

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Gas Fireplace Update- DIY ?>

Gas Fireplace Update- DIY

There is no need to be afraid of your gas fireplace. Is it a lovely brass colour from decades ago, is the glass foggy and the logs are covered in dust?? If so, this gas fireplace update is exactly what you need and it is crazy cheap….as per usual 🙂 Bill is currently working on a large home upgrade job. We initially toured the home together and I gave the owners some ideas. They hated their fireplace but because it…

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Easy Peasy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce – DIY ?>

Easy Peasy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce – DIY

Busy day pulling up carpet with no plans for dinner. Quick stop at the supermarket and on my way to Homemade Spaghetti Sauce! This recipe I am about to share happened by accident. It was a cold day a few winters back, I had taken the ground beef out of the freezer only to find, there was no spaghetti sauce in the cupboard. I had used the same store bought spaghetti sauce in a jar for many years. I did…

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DIY – No Sew Table Runner ?>

DIY – No Sew Table Runner

With company coming tomorrow, I couldn’t stand to look at my old beat up table any longer. We are at the lake and the lovely smoked glass that was on the table was broken a while ago. So, I have the fabric but not the initiative to sew one runner, let alone 2. Hence, DIY – No Sew Table Runner. I have limited supplies up here so I was very lucky to find the product I needed to complete this…

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DIY – Homemade Coffee Liqueur(Kahlua) ?>

DIY – Homemade Coffee Liqueur(Kahlua)

  Are specialty coffees or Black Russians your drinks of choice? Perhaps you are more into Mudslides or White Russians. Either way, this article is for you. I am not a big Kahlua fan but I know some of my readers enjoy a Black Russian from time to time. Going along with the DIY liqueur theme I started with the Bailey’s article, today’s article will show you how to prepare homemade Kahlua in time for happy hour :-). It would…

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Aging or Distressing New Wood- DIY – Part I ?>

Aging or Distressing New Wood- DIY – Part I

Happy Sunday! Today I did some exploring and experimenting with different processes to age or distress wood. There are several products that can be purchased to age new wood BUT what fun is that? Especially when you have a friend that not only wants to learn but wants to help. Thank you to my Dear Friend Cathy Cowles for helping me with this project!! Over the next 2 days, I am going to share 5 processes  to age/distress new wood. …

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DIY- Removing Grease from Driveway ?>

DIY- Removing Grease from Driveway

I decided to write this article shortly after we purchased a truck for Bill to use for his business. Yes, it was older but good lord….How could it run when it lost so much grease on our driveway? Living in a small complex where neighbours keep their places immaculate, our driveway was looking beyond bad.  I recalled that this occurred once before at a different home and how I fixed it. I immediately thought, TheJoysofJodi. Before   Tools required are…

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Diamonds & Pearls- Dog Collar Thursday ?>

Diamonds & Pearls- Dog Collar Thursday

  Just like the late artist Prince. This dog collar has class with an edge.  “Diamonds and Pearls” is the title track to Prince’s 1991 album . The song is an upbeat ballad, given a rock edge with guitar and drums. (Sound familiar?) This collar was created using a recycled black leather belt and vintage pearl/diamond necklace. The result is a stunning collar for a male or female pup. As you can see each pearl is surrounded by 4 tiny…

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