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Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY ?>

Personal Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets -DIY

The easiest solution to decorating above your kitchen cupboards is to not decorate at all!! This only works however if your cupboards go right to the ceiling 🙂 All kidding aside, decorating above your kitchen cabinets isn’t easy. If you leave the space empty, the kitchen can look cold, unfinished and might sound hollow, not the best solution either. There are lots of online locations that share ideas to create a scene above the cupboards, however, I like to personalize…

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Gas Fireplace Update- DIY ?>

Gas Fireplace Update- DIY

There is no need to be afraid of your gas fireplace. Is it a lovely brass colour from decades ago, is the glass foggy and the logs are covered in dust?? If so, this gas fireplace update is exactly what you need and it is crazy cheap….as per usual 🙂 Bill is currently working on a large home upgrade job. We initially toured the home together and I gave the owners some ideas. They hated their fireplace but because it…

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Top Notch Tuesday – Lets Get Motivated…but ?>

Top Notch Tuesday – Lets Get Motivated…but

On this lovely morning here in Southern Ontario, it is time to get motivated. We have spent the last 10 days packing and moving to our new home at Pike Lake. I have not written in quite awhile but I only needed to see the sun shining and how many excellent comments I have on my blog to motivate me. So, lets have a Top Notch Tuesday and Lets Get Motivated. No ifs, ands or “buts”! Last Friday Bill and…

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Are You Ready?- Emergency Preparedness Kit ?>

Are You Ready?- Emergency Preparedness Kit

I recently read a great article, in the “Costco Connection” magazine of all places. I liked it mostly because it made me think  about whether Bill and I are ready for an emergency and more importantly, are our parents ready? September is Emergency Preparedness Month… Are You Ready? The short article centered around a Grab & Go bag for Emergencies. For a short article it did go into lots of detail and well it made me wonder how big is…

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Losing a Pet ?>

Losing a Pet

In less than 7 days, 2 friends of have lost pets. These were not old pets that had lived out a long life, these were pets in their prime. Annie was always there for Janine and the bond that Lauren had with Sylvie was obvious to all that met them. I cannot put to words what Losing a Pet can do to a person. This past Friday, I received a text from Janine that Annie had been hit by a…

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Your Favourite Colour says so much about you ?>

Your Favourite Colour says so much about you

My favourite colour is blue, all shades of blue, light, dark, bright or pale I love them all but I especially like aqua. Lucky me, my favourite colour is really “in” with regard to home decor so I see my favourite colour everywhere in my home.  There is loads of info on the net regarding the psychology of our favourite colour. I did some research and did a comparison. It appears the experts agree. I have used a great article…

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I was a Correctional Officer(CO) ?>

I was a Correctional Officer(CO)

Yes, once upon a time, I was a Correctional Officer(CO). I started as a CO right out of college, I was 21 and my career as a CO lasted 7.5 years. So when asked, I did seven and a half years and was released due to good behaviour, LOL, ya right! As a teenager, I really wanted to be a police officer, it turned out however, that I don’t like the dark much and guns sort of suck! Corrections intrigued…

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5 Life Lessons I Have Learned – Part 1 ?>

5 Life Lessons I Have Learned – Part 1

I reached out to a very close friend today to ask what I should write about. Boy, I didn’t know what I was getting into as the list she gave was long….and awesome. So before I carry on with this article, I have to return the favour. Looking for 35-50 year old male for my hot red- headed friend. I will sort for her 🙂 So, here we go, 5 life lessons I have learned by 40 something: Express appreciation…

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Pot or Kettle? Idioms ?>

Pot or Kettle? Idioms

I love the word Idiom….well it is one letter away from idiot which when used properly can also be a great word. Oops, sorry, I got a little carried away there. So, yesterday while attending a social event, I used the idiom, “are you the pot or the kettle?”. I got called on it as someone there wasn’t all that familiar with this term. Once I explained what it meant…Wikipedia= The pot calling the kettle black. The phrase “The pot…

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Foaming Hand Soap – DIY ?>

Foaming Hand Soap – DIY

Never buy foaming soap again, seriously!! I am going to show you how to make foaming hand soap  in less than 5 minutes and for less than 30 cents a bottle. Yes, very serious. The best part is that your new soap can smell like whatever you like. You love the smell of your dish soap, regular liquid hand soap, body wash, you name it. If it makes bubbles it will work. In my case, I love the smell of…

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