Are You Ready?- Emergency Preparedness Kit ?>

Are You Ready?- Emergency Preparedness Kit

collage1I recently read a great article, in the “Costco Connection” magazine of all places. I liked it mostly because it made me think  about whether Bill and I are ready for an emergency and more importantly, are our parents ready?

September is Emergency Preparedness Month… Are You Ready?

The short article centered around a Grab & Go bag for Emergencies. For a short article it did go into lots of detail and well it made me wonder how big is this bag going to be? So, I am going to provide a list of what you might need if you are evacuated from your home for up to 72 hours. Now, if you live in an area that is prone to emergency situations (flooding, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, large fuel field or worse… government issues) I suggest you do some detailed planning so you are set to go the next time that alarm rings.

What you might need if you cannot return to your home for up to 72 hours

  • lightweight, portable duffle bag or backpack
  • enough prescription meds to last you a week
  • passport, driver’s license, health card or proof of health insurance
  • cell Phone & Contact #s for family & friends
  • credit card
  • charger for your cell phone(if there is power
  • cash(if there is no power, there is no credit)
  • some food that will stay fresh for a long time (small packets of crackers, peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, cereal bars
  • water- this could get heavy so perhaps invest in a filter in order to drink unfiltered water
  • Small 1st aid kit including over the counter pain relief
  • Small flashlight and keep batteries fresh. These days you could simply have it on your keychain
  • Soap that you can use to wash yourself and your clothing, ie a bar of sunlight
  • If you still have room, pack some comfort items:
    • deck of cards
    • stress ball, squeeze it and play catch
    • tea bags
    • toys of kids
  • Pack for your pets, food, medications and of course water

collage2This may seem like a lot and the bag will not be light, however if you think it through and pack it before that emergency happens, you will have the size mastered and you will be thankful.

Another great idea is to create a Emergency Preparedness Plan, share it with your family and store it in your Grab and Go Bag. Most importantly, store the bag somewhere close to your home exit where others can easily get to it in case you are hurt.

To Learn More, I am including some resources below:



Prepared- Jill Scott

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