5 Life Lessons I Have Learned – Part 1 ?>

5 Life Lessons I Have Learned – Part 1

I reached out to a very close friend today to ask what I should write about. Boy, I didn’t know what I was getting into as the list she gave was long….and awesome. So before I carry on with this article, I have to return the favour. Looking for 35-50 year old male for my hot red- headed friend. I will sort for her 🙂 So, here we go, 5 life lessons I have learned by 40 something:

thank youExpress appreciation to people who make your day better, easier, happier. It doesn’t take long to learn that a smile, please/thank you or  have a nice day really go a long way. I spend a lot of time around people I don’t know and it makes my day when someone says thank you, pardon me or just a smile when you make eye contact. Try it!!

move forwardYou can only move forward. So Move forward. This is so very true for me. Each day, get up, get dressed, walk the dog. Things will fall into place, they will get better, believe me, I am living it.

do not go gentle

Much sooner than you think, you will be 80 and pondering if you lived the life you wanted. To this I say… “I will not be the one that wilts away and is forgotten. I will skid in with one shoe, glass of champagne in hand screaming….all right I lived this life…what’s next?”


bad-sexSex is important!! Not going to get x-rated or anything but seriously, sex is sooo important. It feels good, you re-engage with your partner and come on…..it feels good!!

moneyMoney is not the measure of success. In my 20 something years as an adult, I have had money, I have lost money and I have lived without much money. What I have never done is been happy or sad because of money. “It is what it is” comes to mind. When I met Bill, the love of my life, I had just lost quite a bit of money when I had to sell my home. I didn’t let that affect who I was or the woman that Bill grew to love. Save where you can, spend when you need to. If anyone measures you by your worth, they are not worth your time.

So here is one more that I have to add to 5 lessons I have learned, Part 1…..oops. BE HAPPY!

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