Motivation – We All Need it!! ?>

Motivation – We All Need it!!

The 8th of January and who has started their new diet, workout regime, housekeeping change or other resolution? Who needs Motivation? We all need motivation from time to time. Whether you started something new after New Years or as I did chose to wait till January 10th, we all need motivation at some point in our lives. Why am I waiting until January 10th? Well tomorrow is my birthday and I like to celebrate :-). Some of us suffer for other…

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Murder City – London Ontario ?>

Murder City – London Ontario

Having been born and raised in London Ontario,  Murder City by Michael Arntfield was absolutely shocking. A good friend loaned me the book and after reading the back, I shelved my current fiction novel. “Murder City” is the untold story of Canada’s Serial Killer Capitol from 1959 to 1984. WHAT?? The book also includes information regarding other murders in the London area and in years since 1984. I did not plan to write a book review but Murder City is…

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Sons of Anarchy (SOA) – Heart of Gold ?>

Sons of Anarchy (SOA) – Heart of Gold

Anyone who enjoyed the Sons of Anarchy will tell you they wished there was more SOA. As mentioned SOA is my all time, number one favourite series to date. I won’t go into how much we all loved Jax as today, I am going to write about some things Bill and have noticed recently. Today, I am writing about Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. While on a trip to London awhile ago, Neil Young’s Heart of Gold came on the…

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Tattoo….Undecided ?>


When I say Tattoo, I am not talking about Herve Villechaize, the star from Fantasy Island, although I loved that show as a kid. I am talking about the real deal, ink, tat, colour, art….whatever the latest term is. I am seriously thinking about getting a tattoo but in the end, I find I am truly undecided. (cough cough….I mean scared) Yes, tattoos are extremely personal, pretty much permanent and should be taken very seriously!! Many of my friends have “tats”…

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Mother’s Little Helper…Really? ?>

Mother’s Little Helper…Really?

And here I thought, “running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper” was about alcohol. I guess I never really read through the lyrics of the Rolling Stones’ song “Mother’s Little Helper”. So, sorry to my friends I spoke with this morning who I told the term was derived from housewives drinking in the 60’s. Oops my bad. I have learned several things today: Mother’s Little Helper is/was Valium The song “Mother’s Little Helper” is by the Rolling Stones,…

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Kill Two Birds with One Stone – Idioms Part II ?>

Kill Two Birds with One Stone – Idioms Part II

While speaking on the phone with a friend(Janine..who needs a date) recently, I told her I hadn’t written an article in 8 days. I told her that that I needed the motivation to write but that I get my motivation from writing….therefore, I could , “Kill two birds with one stone”, by writing. In other words, “solve two problems at one time with a single action.” Awhile back I wrote an article on Idioms. I received lots of positive feedback…

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Shine A Light – Who is your Pillar? ?>

Shine A Light – Who is your Pillar?

Once again a song has touched me. “Shine A Light” by the Banners has a tune I identify with. I immediately sing along when I hear it so I found myself wanting to know the meaning of the song. If you have ever heard the idiom, Pillar of Strength, you will understand the songs meaning right away. Pillar of strength – “a person who can be relied on to give a great deal of support and comfort”. When I investigated…

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Star Trek Beyond – Sabotage ?>

Star Trek Beyond – Sabotage

Shortly after I met Bill,  he took me to the Drive-In in to see a Star Trek movie (Star Trek into Darkness). At the time, I was mainly concerned with spending time with this handsome new guy. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would love the movie. I did grow up watching Star Trek, I knew the characters but I guess I simply didn’t remember how amazing the show was. We just finished the latest Star Trek…

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Dessert for Breakfast – Paleo ?>

Dessert for Breakfast – Paleo

Last night while Bill was out of town, I had guests for dinner. I made a lovely chicken dish that I know Allan and Cathy like and they brought dessert.  The dessert was Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding. I ate half of my portion after dinner and today I ate dessert for breakfast. It was delicious!! Oh…did I tell you there is no gelatin?? I am the first to admit that I know very little about the Paleo “diet”….

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Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy ?>

Garlic Shrimp – DIY – Yummy

Do you have any of those dishes that make your mouth water when you smell it cooking? Pretty sure you do, I know I do and in most cases….my Mom is cooking. Anyway, lets talk about garlic shrimp. If you have ever tried to make it you will know that those suckers can shrink big time and very fast. So, I am going to share my Mom’s recipe. Not so much a recipe, more of a right of passage. There…

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